A message from our founder

A message from our founder

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Hello from Berlin,

The world has slowed down.

We believe in every situation there is something to learn and turn into something positive.

We are using this time to reset and rethink the way we do things, keeping things simple and more local, allowing us to reflect on a new future finding balance between ourselves, the city and nature.

We would like to share with you our rituals and routines that help us stay grounded and optimistic and these may help you too.

Lets keep the good vibes in flow and move often, eat healthy and stay in contact with those you love.

I know of those who might lose their jobs or their businesses and people who are going through this situation. We are with you, let's try not to let the fear overwhelm us. If you are in a privileged position maybe we can see how we can support one another by buying groceries for your older neighbour, getting take away food from your favourite restaurant and if you need to buy something, see if there is a small business that needs your support.

We like to work with nature, positive energy and good people.


Ashley Marc Hovelle