Corduroy : warmth and durability

Corduroy : warmth and durability

History of Corduroy

Corduroy evolves from the ancient cotton weave known as ‘fustian’. This manufactured textile existed for thousands of years before it came to acquire the name of corduroy as we know it.

In 18th Century England, the cloth was manufactured as a modern, practical choice of outdoor textile. It's warm, dries quickly and hard-wearing. 

By the turn of the 19th Century the ribbed corduroy fabric is popular with both country gentlemen and farmers. Throughout the 19th Century, Corduroy was mass-produced in factories all over Europe and America and used by workers, artists and students.

Why is it called Corduroy?

In the 17th Century, French royal servants were known to wear a fine but durable woven velvet fustian-style fabric made from silk. 

The word corduroy coined in England around late 18th Century as an early form of branding using the French translation ‘cloth of the King’ (corde du roi). This perhaps promotes an image of royal quality, to give the English-manufactured cotton cloth an air of French prestige.

Properties of Corduroy

Ridged texture

One of the most distinguishable characteristics of corduroy is it's texture. The surface has tiny vertical grooves, adding a unique element to its look that’s not found in other materials. There are other fabrics with ridges, but corduroy delivers the most appealing ridges in a natural, clean-looking way.

Strength and durability

Perfect winter fabric because it’s thick and soft and keeps you warm in freezing temperatures. Durable fabric that is woven with three sets of yarns and has vertical ribs, or wales, that are formed by cut-pile yarn.

Our Corduroy

You will find new additions to our wardrobe collection of ten with the 08 / pleated corduroy trousers and 09 / boxy fit corduroy jacket. These provide you with a matching set to relax in style with the warmth and durability that Cord provides. 

Made in Portugal from Organic 8 wale cotton Corduroy.

Available in brown, green and navy

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