What do you do often?

What do you do often?

This journal welcomes you into our world, it will be updated regularly to inspire you with our thoughts and visions of a better planet for you & I.

Oftt is our expression of a sustainable and minimalist lifestyle that emphasises harmony with yourself and your environment. The brand was born out of our experiences from the past ten years practising daily rituals that enhance our life. We aim to consume less, spend time meaningfully, eat well, and care for our body and mind.

We invite you to ask yourself what you do often. Whether it is a daily walk, your exercise routine, cooking an evening meal, or choosing the outfit for the day - how can you do it better?

What you wear is not only an expression of yourself, it can change your mood and empower you as well - the “power suit” familiar to anyone? It also affects the environment in a big way. It takes 2,700 litres of water to make one t-shirt - enough for one person to drink over 900 days. By using rainwater to grow cotton, we’re trying to cut down on water consumption by 91%. By washing at 30° we save 40% of energy, and line-drying retains the shape and fabric of our clothes for longer.

Oftt’s ten sustainable wardrobe staples aim to save you time each day so you’re free to focus on what’s important to you, with clothes you wear often. The idea goes further than a minimalist wardrobe, it’s about sustainability in its true form. Transcending ecological practices into daily life, sustainability goes beyond the materials and methods with which things are made.

What you wear often impacts us all. Consider carefully.